Instagram Introduces Long-form Videos with IGTV

In an effort to better compete with YouTube and to gain market share of younger users, Instagram has announced that it will now be allowing most users to upload videos up to 10 minutes long. In time, select channels will be granted a full hour.

Simply update your IG app and you'll notice a new TV icon in the top righthand corner of your feed. There is also a stand-alone app which you can download for  and iOS, but it's not necessary.

For content creators interested in utilizing this feature, uploading is simple:

  1. Click the gear icon above "continue watching" to create a channel (only necessary once)
  2. Click the profile image
  3. Select the "+" button
  4. Chose the video to upload (note that all videos must be vertical, 1080x1920)
  5. Add title/description and click "post"

Main Takeaways

  • These long-form videos will not be made available in the standard IG feed (only on your IGTV channel)
  • All videos must be in a vertical format 1080x1920
  • This is a good place to repurpose YouTube content (music videos, tour recaps, behind the songs, etc.)
  • Currently, there are no ads on IGTV, but expect these to be rolled out in time
  • Nothing will change within the current Instagram timeline/newsfeed as all IGTV content will be featured on channels, not pages. 

For more info, the full Instagram press release can be found here: