If You're Not Taking Advantage of Pandora's New Marketing Tools, You're Doing It Wrong

Pandora is stepping up their game when it comes to their efforts to assist music makers, and in a big way. Today, they have officially begun to roll out new marketing tools via their Pandora Amp dashboard that allows artists on the platform to connect with their fans FOR FREE.

That's right. Free.

So what are these new tools and how exactly does one use them? Good question, Chris. 

The Tools

  1. Artist Message
    • Upload an audio message from the artist to play before or after a track.
    • Can include a call-to-action and a link. 
  2. Featured Track
    • Increases the visibility of the selected track among your channel listeners and ultimately across other stations
    • Pandora uses their "science" (their word, not mine) to promote featured tracks in order to get more streams and new fans.
    • They touted the addition of 30+ new data points that they're collecting from their users to determine where your songs should be placed
  3. Promote Single
    • Similar to a "featured track", this includes an artist message prior to the stream, including a call-to-action link for listeners to buy the new song
      • Note that you can't link out to a competitor's streaming service
  4. Promote Show
    • This is a quicker way to promote a show (an update from simply an artist message) where they pull/collect data more easily

Another note that you must be a record label o have access to the Featured Track and Promote Single options UNLESS you/your artist is independent. 

To request access to the new features if they aren't showing up on your account, email: amp-support@pandora.com

How to Create a Campaign

Creating a Pandora campaign is simple.

  1. First, you must log in to your Pandora AMP account.
  2. Click the blue + "Create Campaign" button on the right of the page
  3. Select which campaign you'd like to run
  4. Input all of the necessary data (Note that for promoted single, artist message, and promote a show all require audio from the artist, so write some compelling copy and get your hands on some clean audio before you move forward with the rest)

And there you go. Now you shouldn't have any probelm leveraging your Pandora accounts without breaking the bank!