Facebook Introduces the Facebook "Watch" Tab and What That Means for Marketers

In its never-ending crusade to take over all things internet, Facebook has now announced that it will be introducing the Facebook Watch tab. 

Playing host to original series, this is an effort to grab a piece of the already established video-streaming sector of the entertainment industry. Taking on the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, traditional cable (featuring live Baseball) and continuing to threaten YouTube.

What can we expect? Well, I assume we will be seeing video pre-roll and banner ads available via Facebook in the upcoming months. (Or some other unique way to monetize this content through branding partnerships.)

Regardless, while there don't seem to be any long-form scripted dramas in the works (more mini-documentary-esque shows), if this takes off, users will certainly increase the amount of media they consume on Facebook as well as how much time of their day they spend on the platform. Things are getting interesting. Stay tuned!