Facebook is Coming After Snapchat

In Facebook's never-ending endeavor to take over the world one mobile application at a time, they've come after Snapchat yet again with the introduction of Camera Effects.

Camera Effects work similarly to Snapchat filters where it can be as simple as a frame or as complex as an augmented reality experience. 

Once a frame is approved, it can be used by your friends, family, and your FANS!

But, although it's clear that Facebook is trying to encourage people to take a picture via their Facebook Camera then and immediately uploading it to the platform - I personally don't see that taking off.

Instead, my guess is that Facebook will ultimately encourage users to use this feature through the messenger app. (Look for disappearing messages via messenger in the near future.)

Regardless, there are tons of ways that businesses and marketers can take advantage of this new feature and I'm excited to put it to use. 

To learn more about Facebook's Camera Effects or to create your own, just go here